The smart money has been invested in Boulder, and it has paid handsomely.  In ROI, lifestyle, and opportunity.  Investments are as different as the Investors pursuing them.  That’s why its critical to work with a knowledgable, experienced real estate agent like Barbara Silverman.  Barbara has had her fingers on the pulse of Boulder investment properties for the past 30 years.  She has helped investors from out-of-town, out-of-state, and out-of-country find investments that suit their business objectives and personality.  Your experience begins with a detailed discussion of your investment objectives, your budget, likes and dislikes, past investment experiences, and your ideal future.  Armed with this knowledge, Barbara will use her extensive contacts to identify multiple opportunities for your review. Once you have make a selection, she will help you negotiate a deal most favorable to your objectives.

Why Specialize in Small Rental Properties?

  • Less Competition
  • Easier to Finance
  • Easier to Manage: Tenants tend to stay longer
  • Easier Entry: Less expensive to acquire
  • Better Liquidity: Easier to sell

Monthly Market


  Real estate is all about location, location, we're giving you the facts and info you need for any location you choose. Explore local market conditions, sales trends and more through our detailed yet easy to understand videos.      

Advantages on Investing in Real Estate

  • Cash Flow
  • Equity from low Pay-Down
  • Equity from Appreciation 
  • Tax Savings
  • Higher Leverage

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